“Farmers don’t just work till the Sun goes down; they actually work till their job gets done”.
Farmers are said to be the real heroes of our country. Of course they are, because they are the one who actually feed the entire country.
We, at RTPC LTD, are indebted to help our farmers in every possible way we can. Generally Farmers do take their input for agriculture from outside Market, which are really expensive for them. Keeping this in point, we have taken this initiative to provide the inputs to the farmers at the minimum cost so that they have a good output and that too cost effective.
We are also providing technical support to our small farmers and let them know about the modern technologies in the field of Agriculture for their good productivity which lead them to have a better standard of living.
Apart from these, we tend to form FPO (Farmers Producers Organization), with the help of which small and deprived farmers would also get a better and healthy stage to sell their products with profitable outcome. We do form FIG (Farmers Interest Groups) in each and every village and accumulate the Farmers productivity and helps them to sale them in good prices in Markets.
We believe that agriculture is our real pursuit because in the end it will contribute to the real happiness, wealth and good Morals.”


Entrepreneurship should be encouraged in agriculture as innovation would not just help farmers improve crop productivity and thus more profit but create new avenues of employment generation for rural youth as well. We are living in a world full of revolutionary changes. Some changes are mandatory in every field be it agriculture or any other. We are coming up with variations of ideas and new skills in Agricultural field also to have a better living for both Farmers and the People of our Country.
Today’s young food and agricultural entrepreneurs are developing innovative ways to revolutionize the entire food chain. They are at the forefront of reducing food loss and waste, increasing crop yields, improving market access, developing novel technologies, and increasing urban and sustainable farming practices across the globe. They come from diverse backgrounds, with unique insights, perspectives, and approaches to tackling global food system challenges.
Agriculture entrepreneurship can help tackle the challenges related to information dissemination, farm management, capital availability, mechanization of farm and the agriculture supply chain.
Entrepreneurship involves innovative skills, models and ideas to solve problems in the farm sector and increase the profitability of the farming business with sustainable, community-oriented, directly marketed farm practices. It is not an opportunity but an imperative to achieve the target of doubling farm income through the integration of latest technologies and innovations.


We, at RTPC LTD are bounded to help each and every section of our society. In context to this, we provide the best services to our traders as well. Traders would directly contact us and we will provide the best of productivity without any mediator. This will not only be helpful for them, but also Farmers would get the genuine remuneration of their products and commodities.
Not only this, keeping in point of views the Quality assurance, we would deliver the best of products to them so that they can deliver the same to the end users and get more profit. Today, we are living in an over populated country; everyone needs proper food to have a healthy living. We are indebted to provide fresh stock directly to the traders so that their consumers would generate a trust on them and it will certainly increase their demand in the Market.


Internship Programme

“Providing Internship opportunities changes the whole Equations”; and we feel pride to provide the same. At RTPC LTD, we not only provide trainings to farmers, but we equally provide assistance and internships to the students who are pursuing B.Sc. Agriculture or B.Tech (Ag) even MBA Students can get an internship in the field of Marketing.
We would also like to acknowledge that we do provide stipend to the respective students, if they are willing to learn and get trained in the various perspective of Agriculture. The students, who have taken the technical papers of Agriculture, are most welcome here as we provide basic trainings of all the relevant technical Machinery that are being used in the field of agriculture now days.

Job Career

We, at RTPC LTD firmly believe that if an individual looks forward for a better career, he can choose the field of Agriculture. We not only train and provide internship, but if a fresher is truly devoted to be in the agricultural Field, we have a huge scope to explore ourselves in the different segments of Agriculture, be it in the field of Farming or Marketing or even Digital Marketing.
We do provide job opportunities for Marketing, Technical aspects, and also accountancy.