In our country “Agriculture” is regarded as the most Healthful, most Useful and the most Noble Employment of a Man or Woman. Agriculture and farming are our real and wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most to Real Wealth, Good Morals, and of course the true Happiness. We at “RTPC LTD.”; aim to provide all kinds of Technical Support, Marketing Support, Trainings, Awareness Programmes, Agricultural Input and Output and many more. Well, to come up with much more support to our farmers, we are indebted to help them in their financial assistance as well with no extra cost.


Vision and Mission:

As stated above and already known that “AGRICULTURE and FARMING” is the key to Happiness for every single person living in our country. It is a place where Essentials of the nation is grown. It is a place where Happiness is everywhere you turn. With the vision to provide a comfortable life to our small and deprived farmers, we are presently running some projects on “ORGANIC FARMING”. 

In this project, almost 500 Farmers are involved and over 1000 acre of lands are acquired in which fruits, vegetables and grains are being covered. We are mostly focused on fruits like Mango, Banana and Litchi. Not only this, we do provide, Rs.11,500 per acre to each farmer for organic Farming. 

At “RTPC LTD.” we have a mission to develop the rural areas of our country because it is only our Rural Development that will make our country’s economy grow much more at a fast speed. We have to make people realize that it is our farmers who are the real soul of our country’s development. Farmers are still in down position to get benefits of their work. Many of them are still not aware of the latest technologies. So, for the betterment of farmers and ultimately for the rural development there is a need to know the importance of proper marketing of agriculture produce and how the better marketing affects the farmers livelihood.  We are focused to these and hopefully, we will reach the milestone very soon.