Managing Director

Shri kameshwar singh kushwaha

It is a pride for me that I am born in a country where we are blessed to be called as a proud Farmer. I really feel like one of the most fortunate person that I got an opportunity to serve my country and to pay tribute to it. It is not only my faith, but my utmost dream to work for each farmers and let them bring on the main stage so that can contribute in the development of India.

If we talk about actual farming, especially in Vaishali, Muzaffarpur,  here majority farmers are middle and deprived, who they have a minimum of 1 acre or even less than the given land. The major drawback of small and deprived farmers are that they aren’t that fortunate enough to sell their products in a big market with ample of profit as the main reason can be the higher cost of transportation and time management. In context to these problem faced by our farmers, I decided to accumulate all the small farmers in a group in my and neighboring blocks. As a result, we are now developed as “Farmers Interest Groups” (FIG). After taking this initiative, a lot of farmers came together and the finally we established “Farmers Producer Organization” (FPO). This FPO has been recognized by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The fertilizers and manures which they buy from outside market gets hard on their pockets which results in the least outcome of the farmers. To overcome these issues, we have taken the initiative to provide them fertilizers along with seeds and necessary materials on much cheaper rate in comparison to outside markets.

My only dream for farmers is that I want them to be self-dependent and also to have a stand in the market so that people out there could realize the utility of each and every farmer as a whole. We have already started doing so, as we have selected 350 farmers from our region and started training them in the making of organic fertilizers. Mahatma Gandhi had a vision of “Swadesh and Swarozgar”; we, as Indians are just putting this forward to have a better and developed India.

Chief Executive Officer

It is a matter of pride for us to help and work with our farmers, who are actually the real heroes of our country. Our existence is justified only because of their immense support and hard work. We, at RTPC Ltd. are indebted to help each and every farmer to help them lead a better and healthy life.
We are living in the world of technology today. Every day new and innovative changes are being seen in the technological advancements and so we are moving forward in the world of Agriculture as well. We are focused on Entrepreneurship programmes and also motivate our farmers to do so. Today we are working with more than thousand farmers and helping them lead a better life. They are not only learning the modern ways of farming, but also practicing those and let me tell you the results are just phenomenal. Farmers are now able to do organic farming and their output is being given high credits by the end users.
We, at RTPC Ltd. are also focused on developing the resources which were not at all available to the small and deprived farmers earlier. We have developed the resources like integrated packaging system, Refrigerator Van, Small Cottage processing units. We have to make the transformation in terms of Urbanization moving towards rural areas because we think even our farmers can be upgraded with the technological Advancements.
We are indebted to do traditional farming because we know that we associated with our roots and of course that truly represents our ethnicity. But, today the need of time demands modernization as well as, so we are looking forward to help our farmers in each and every field. Our motive is to give all the farmers a better living so that they can also have a better living and most important our consumers would get all the products in the best of their demands. We are accustomed to give the best of services to both our farmers and consumers.