Organic KIWI (Delhi Delivery Only)

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This product produce under FPO Rasulpur Turki Producer Company Limited, We are currently in C2 phase of Organic farming, also we follow 100% natural ripen process , AS per NPOP guideLines.

About KIWI

Kiwis FRUITS Are Oval Shape  With A Brownish Outer Skin LAYER. The Flesh Is LIGHT Green And Juicy With Tiny, Edible Black Seeds. With Its Distinct Sweet-Sour Taste And A Pleasant Smell, It Tastes Like Strawberry And Honeydew Melon.

Nutrient Benefits,

Rich source of Vitamin C, Contains Fibre Vitamin K, Amino acid.1. Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant and also helps formation of collagen that is responsible for skin and hair health. Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity, keeping ailments at the bay.


  • One Kiwi contains a full day requirement of vitamin C.It is also full of dietry Fibre, Vitamin K, Amino acid,Vitamin B6 and several antioxidants
  • It is the perfect fruit for pregnant women as it contains good amount of folate that prevents neural tube defects and helps in brain growth in infants. Maintains healthy and smooth skin.


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